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Penetration Testing

  • A penetration test is a proactive and authorized attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including OS, service and application flaws, improper configurations, and even risky end-user behavior.
  • Why Perform Penetration Testing?
    1. Recovering from a security breach can cost an organization millions of dollars related to IT remediation efforts
    2. Penetration testing identifies and prioritizes security risks

ISMS – Security review

  • The development of an ISMS framework based on the following six steps: Definition of security policy
    1. Definition of ISMS scope,
    2. Risk assessment (as part of risk management),
    3. Risk management,
    4. Selection of appropriate controls and
    5. Statement of applicability

ISO 27001 Implementation

  • We can help you to cut the cost of unnecessary products or services, and overcome the particular challenges you face.
  • We’ll help you shape an ISO/IEC 27001 Project Plan with the systems you already have in place.
  • And we’ll make sure that security quickly becomes paramount to the way you operate, whatever stage you’re at.

Formation of IS Policy

  • We not only audit your Information Security Policies but we also help your management to design IS policies as per best Security practices in Industry.
  • When we are short of technical resource and we need to regulate IT security Then we must focus on policy developments for better standards.



PKI Implementation

  • Have you ever done stress testing on PKI implementation used in your organization?
  • The last year has been a rough one for SSL PKI. Fraudulently provisioned certificates, MD5 collisions, SSL spoofing attacks, and most recently, attacks against EV SSL.
  • The variety of these attacks shows us how big the attack surface of SSL really is.
  • From crypto attacks to browser design flaws, attackers have choices when it comes to man-in-the-middling SSL protected web sites.
  • We help you develop PKI with best Security practices.