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Operating Systems Audit

  • The default settings of OS are not designed for high security. It is up to the user to enable the security features to the desired level of security for that installation.
  • The process of auditing OS security includes evaluating whether the security features have been enabled and parameters have been set to values consistent with the security policy of the organization, and verifying that all users of the system (user IDs) have appropriate privileges to the various resources and data held in the system.

Networking Audit

  • Enterprise networks are under constant assault. A key foundation in the security of our enterprise is created by ensuring that we have a validated secure perimeter. As easy as this is to say, organizations struggle with this constantly.
  • Forces such as wireless technologies, enterprise VPNs, business partner connections, BYOD policies and more can all erode the security of our perimeter networks.
  • We help to secure that with Network audit and Network Re-Engineering.

Firewall Audit

  • Maintaining good firewall configurations is a difficult challenge for even the most experienced network administrator.
  • Regular firewall auditing has become an essential part of firewall management.
  • Our firewall audit program Consists of  following Steps

    1. Define network access policy
    2. Retrieve firewall configuration information
    3. Map network interfaces to policy zones
    4. Analyze the firewall against the organization’s access policy – detect violations, highlight compliance level
    5. Find unused and redundant rules – configuration optimization

Web Application Audit

  • One of the most important lessons that we are learning as an industry is that installing an application firewall is not enough!
  • Web Applications have consistently rated one of the top five vulnerabilities that enterprises face for the past several years.
  • We make sure that the all of the OWASP Top Ten issues must be addressed
  • Identification of controls to handle unexpected user input

Application Systems Functional review

  • The Application System Functional Review is a technical review to ensure that the system’s functional baseline is established and can be satisfying the requirements of the Initial Capabilities Document of application within currently allocated cost.

    We provide following in this Review:

    1. Applications functional baseline with traceability to lower-level performance requirements,
    2. An updated risk assessment for the Development phase.
    3. An updated Cost Analysis Requirements document based on the system functional baseline,
    4. An updated program development schedule include software critical path drivers