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Business Continuity Planning

  • A plan is as good as its implementation. If we do not execute the plan, the very purpose of the plan is defeated
  • We follow below mentioned steps:
    1. We review current plan and check when it was updated.
    2. Once we review updated plan we plan to test itself.
    3. We write out the clear objective of the testing plan along with details about who all are required to be part of the testing exercise, what is their role, type of testing exercise that you are envisaging, what are the expected outcomes.
    4. We Keep the top management team informed so that employees take the testing plan with all the seriousness that it deserves
    5. We have the case studies ready at hand that describe the sequence of hazardous events taking place.
    6. We begin the testing by clarifying the objectives clearly in the opening session.
    7. We ask open ended questions like - What went wrong, what went well etc and use the answers to enrich the document.
    8. Post testing, we communicate the gaps to the group via Email and also inform them about how these gaps have been used to update the plan

Training in Information Technology

  • We have expertise who trained International Security Agencies and got best feedback
  • We train our clients on following technologies:
    1. Definition of ISMS scope,
    2. Risk assessment (as part of risk management),
    3. Risk management,
    4. Selection of appropriate controls and
    5. Statement of applicability

Regulating Compliance with IS policies and procedures

  • Policies are not about technology; they are about defining the objectives of the organization through the description of requirements
  • We make sure that following controls are implemented
    1. Limiting system access to authorized individuals
    2. Use of operational system checks
    3. Use of authority checks
    4. Use of device checks
    5. Determination that those who develop, maintain, or use electronic systems have the education, training, and experience to perform their assigned tasks
    6. Establishment of and adherence to written policies that hold individuals accountable for actions initiated under their electronic signatures