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Secure Website Development

  • We not only create websites but also guide you secure them as per your needs
    1. We Host websites on different type of hosts in our lab and Penetrate it to find gap analysis on below mentioned factors
      • OWASP top 10
      • Vulnerability protection
      • Manual exploitation
      • Zero day and Custom Scanning

Secure Web Application Development

  • We develop application for Computers as well as mobile devices with Secure coding practices
  • Our web application test tool uses dynamic crawling to build a model based on the behavior of the application, determines vulnerability attack vectors, and then conducts relevant analysis to ensure the highest level of coverage with the most accurate results.
  • Our tools looks "inside" of directories, debug code, leftover source code, and resource files to find hidden username/passwords, SQL strings, ODBC connectors, and other sensitive information which hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your application.